Peter Bock AG - Upholding tradition of quality and perfection for over 75 years

Peter Bock AG is an independent family company which was founded by Peter Bock in 1939. His son Otto Bock, an engineer and gifted technician, took over the company in 1961 and led it up to 2011 to its current success story. The family business is now continued by his son, Wolfgang Bock, in the 3rd generation.

Bock nibs are used for writing worldwide. Many brand manufacturers as well as jewellers rely on our proven quality from Heidelberg in Germany. This starts at the technical design, engineering department and extends to an internal toolmaking and mechanical engineering in which innumerable special machines were created. Here, nothing comes from the catalogue – except quality!

Where writing instruments are concerned, attention should thus be paid to the really important part of the fountain pen, namely the nib. A controlled ink flow and a gently gliding nib are always crucial to ensuring that the customer is really satisfied.

Much has changed of course in the manufacturing area in over 75 years. However, individual craftsmanship plays a crucial role in production, in addition to the use of machines. Each nib is inserted manually for every production step and removed  manually after processing. Continuous monitoring with magnifying glasses and measuring devices ensure adherence within the tolerances and consistent quality during the up to 30 production steps per nib and for the large quantities which regularly leave the factory.


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